the new (kinda) #ORDERCS

  1. Say hello to the new (kinda) #ORDERCS

    CS:GO has always been the very core of our org and today, we’re proud to welcome our brand new (kind of) #ORDERCS squad.
  2. ORDER signs on CS:GO roster from Renegades - returning the squad to its OCE roots

    ORDER has signed on Renegade’s CS:GO roster in a move that puts ORDER in the global spotlight.
  3. CS:GO Update

    It is with a heavy heart that today we announce that we have made the tough decision to part ways with our current CS:GO roster. This roster has pl...
  4. LCO Spring 2022 Week 6 Recap

    It’s another superweek of the LCO and to say we were pumped heading into the week would be an understatement. We entered the week with a score-line...