Farewell #ORDERR6

Today we’re announcing that ORDER is stepping back from our involvement in Rainbow Six Siege for the 2022 season.

In 2021 we entered the scene for the first time with a great group of players and staff. For three stages we battled with the region’s best. We’re true fans of the scene and loved competing against teams from all over the Asia Pacific region. We especially loved sharing our brand with new fans along the way. 

Unfortunately, the results didn’t go our way and we were left without an APAC slot for next season and therefore made the decision to pause our participation this offseason.

We are really proud of all the players who wore the ORDER colours. We couldn’t have asked for better people to represent our brand and our direction. We sincerely hope all of them continue their journeys next season. We’ll be right there be cheering them on no matter what they decide. .

ORDER Rainbow Six Siege was:

Jack "JackDaddy" Dawber            

Bailey "Bailey" Murdoch

Ryan "Speca" Ausden    

Nathaniel "naate" Williams

Erik "Nikoh" Ahrenfeld

Jayden "ItBeStyle" Franken

Brendan "Derpeh" Carr

To give these legends a proper send-off, we made a compilation of some of our favourite #ORDERR6 moments.