LCO Spring 2022 Week 4 Recap

LCO Week 4 introduces the Super Week. More games, more action, more magic. 

Our first match was against Mammoth - the high energy underdogs that have come into the season with nothing to lose, but everything to gain. After besting Pentanet.GG, the sights are set on them.

‘I think the biggest conclusion I have is that Puma is a little bit of a freak. He’s just so good.’ - Rusty

During the talent predictions, everyone picks ORDER over Mammoth - except for Mac. Mac, coincidentally, is on the bottom of the predictions ladder. After some recent changes to Veigar, he’s picked away from Mammoth’s midlaner Reufury, with Kisee taking the reins. We also banned his Kassadin - sorry!

Puma locks in Vayne, combined with Corporal’s first picked Leona - creating an aggressive lane duo with a clear game plan that will become important later.

The pre-match interview with Mammoth’s coach isn’t even over when our bot lane secures their first kill. Beating Mammoth to Level 2, Puma and Corporal commit to the fight - and First Blood goes to Corporal after a final tick of Ignite. This allows us to pressure on to the bottom half of the map - with Corporal clearing some vision and helping Kevy steal their blue buff.

Back in the lane with fresh items and a bout of confidence, Corporal lies in wait in the river’s bushes. Rocco’s Braum attempts to face check said bush - and pays for it. At precisely the 10 minute mark, we’re sitting pretty with six kills across the board to Mammoth’s zero.

Soon after, Mammoth grab their first two kills of the game, but they’re quickly equalized by a dive at their bot tower. Lane pressure has been strong - and meanwhile, Kevy has taken two drakes uncontested by 15 minutes and is aiming for the third.

We made a beeline for the Baron the moment it spawned. Corporal causes a distraction in their jungle while Biopanther teleports in - and with the Baron buff secured, Puma tumbles in to clean up.  With the opposing team reset, Kevy and Puma run away with the final Infernal Dragon, securing the soul for the team.

The headlining match of Day 2 is our very own ORDER vs The Chiefs. At this stage, Chiefs are first on the leaderboard with a 6-1 record.

Ahead of the game, our players share mutual respect in the interview segment. In the top lane, BioPanther says: ‘They are very good, and I respect their top laner a lot - Topoon, I think he’s one of the best in the league by far.' 

Meanwhile, from The Chiefs mid laner Tally: ‘I enjoy playing against Kisee, I think he’s one of the few mid laners who is aggressive and will actually play the lane instead of just pushing and moving consistently.' Predictions are split - Mac and Rusty are cheering for us following our successes in the game the day prior.

An unfortunate misstep from Kevy means he’s First Blooded in our jungle, and we’re playing on the back foot in the early game. 

The Chiefs tower dive Puma and Corporal alongside their jungler, but Corporal managed to survive long enough for Kevy to snag a triple kill on the cleanup. 

We focused on trading objectives - Chiefs take the Hextech Drake, and we smite down the Herald. At the spawn of Cloud Drake, Chiefs managed to run away with it, but an overzealous tower dive soon after grants Puma his first kill.

The Chiefs then focus on pressuring our towers, while we snag an Ocean drake back.

Post 20 minutes, the game becomes an all-out brawl - with players from both teams being caught out in momentary missteps that cost them their lives.

After a trade turns the way of ORDER, taking down their ADC, we head to the Baron and start taking it down - and with the Chiefs aiming to steal, they jump into the baron pit at the last second, granting Kevy a few more kills. 

That was then followed by a quick Ocean drake before we returned to pressuring their Tier 2 towers.

A Soul point is snagged for ORDER with a third Ocean Drake, but Chiefs take a quick Baron.

At 38 minutes, Chiefs take down the third Baron spawn of the game, but Chief’s midlaner Tally falls, giving us the pressure to head towards their nexus. 

Rae’s Tristana comes online at the last second, taking down our team and reversing the game in their favour. After a 40 minute series, the death timers are almost a minute long, giving them time to clear towards our base and end the game.

Our final matchup in the opening Super Week is against Gravitas. Who you'll remember lost to us in Week 1. 

Kevy talks to Mac about his recent champion choices, admitting that he’s moved away from his pocket picks in favour of meta choices that work best for the team. 

Predictions go our way, although Mac picks Gravitas because he doesn’t like to win.

The early game is relatively peaceful, each lane working on extending their gold lead while Kevy takes down the first drake. The action ramps up at 11 minutes with a huge 4-person dive at the bot lane tower, taking out their bottom duo. With their mid laner roaming down and DaJeung using Galio’s ultimate to equalize, the kills end up 2-4 to ORDER. With Gravitas reset, Kevy takes the opportunity to take the 2nd drake of the game. 

At the next objective, the Herald is stolen from us but quickly returned with a team ace. The Baron spawns at 20 mins and we hang around to bait another fight, claiming another team ace and giving us free access to the baron’s buffs.

Puma and BioPanther stay back to finish it off, but Puma wanders off a second too early, and BioPanther dies to the Baron’s autos as he finishes the kill.'

After some more shenanigans in the mid lane, Biopanther takes a detour to take the Infernal Soul, granting us that all-important damage buff. We then move to escort the top lane minions towards the tower, but Corporal gets caught out in the jungle. The team rallies around him and kick start the final team fight that gives us the final Ace, and an open nexus at 25 minutes.

Stay tuned later today to watch us take on Kanga again at 6pm AEDT.

-Jasmine Kelly