LCO Spring 2022 Week 5 Recap

What’s up LCO fans, it’s another super week of the triple round robin. We headed into the week repping a scoreline of 5-4 with the taste of revenge resting on our lips. We concluded the previous superweek with a win against Gravitas, and were ready to take on the ‘roos of Kanga once more, alongside Peace (revenge ready to be taken) and Pentanet.GG. The magic of the previous super week was ready to be replicated once more, and Kanga were up first.

Prior to the match the analyst desk concluded that we had been having perfect games, and who would we be to break the curse? No caster curse here. We were gearing up to meet the new patch head on and show the magic that is our star studded team. The new patch sees Rumble flying back around the jungle alongside a much needed Zeri nerf and some new items to buy at the shop between getting double kills (we all know you guys are pros 😉). 

The analyst desk also did a wonderful job talking up our jungler and support, showing their respective kill participation stats. Corporal and Kevy are scary on the rift, whether their team is winning or not. 85.5% (Kevy) and 77.5% (Corporal). Are Riot still taking transfers to EUW? 

Sadly for Mac, his vote for a Kanga win meant he fell even further behind the other casters, as we scooped the dub. We knew the ‘roos weren’t going to roll over for us (they beat the super team that is Peace in the upset of the season thus far). Our star botlane of Puma and Corporal made sure Kanga couldn’t get an early push down bot and as a result we were able to secure 4 kills at the 15 minute mark, though Kisee died in mid a few times first – just to give the ‘roos hope.

Our second match of the week was against Peace, our scoreline now 6-4 we were ready for our rematch. Our boys had every intent to bring the dragons pit down with a few spells. The analyst desk dubbed us as the best of the rest with our snowball comps – Aus might not get snow that frequently but we’re always ready to slash the competition to shards of ice. 

It is at this point we’d like to thank Mac and Rusty for their faith in us, and our potential to upset the top of the tree. Kevy was put on Gwen duty ready to snip the competition out of the history books but sadly it wasn’t to be and the dragons’ pit was too hot for us on this occasion. 

The rift was ablaze as Kevy secured our first kill at 10 minutes and later secured a herald to help break open the midgame. We were definitely given a tough ask in facing Peace, but we weren’t willing to give up without making some magic first. We stole the baron while Peace weren’t looking, keeping the dub within our sights. The baron gave us a boost, after Corporal took some of the Peace players on a quick trip round the map. Despite our best efforts, Peace secured the dub at thirty minutes. Which will make our revenge against them even sweeter when we take them on again on 14th March 2022.

Our final match of the week was against the MSI 2021 representatives, PGG. The match was a thirty three minute slug fest, with no clear winner till the very end. When Kevlyn entered the rift, the dub was ours. 

Puma popped off throughout the match on new champion, Zeri, securing a quadra kill before the game was over. The consistency of Puma and Kevy throughout the game made it a strong win for us – even if it was sometimes tense, but we got two aces and one nexus so that’s all that matters. We’d like to give a final shoutout to our boy Maximize who was on the analyst desk during our match against PGG.  What a tall, handsome man. We wish we could all be like him. 

We are now tied in the standings with PGG for third with a score line of 7-5 and our next match will take place 28th February against Dire Wolves at 9pm AEDT/ 11am CET/ 5am EST. The wolf pack aren’t ready for us! 

-Niamh Healy