LCO Spring 2022 Week 6 Recap

LCO Spring 2022 Week 6 Recap

It’s another superweek of the LCO and to say we were pumped heading into the week would be an understatement. We entered the week with a score-line of 7-5 and were determined to increase it before the week was out. Having beaten the previous MSI 2021 representatives of PGG we knew the wolf pack would be wanting to reap revenge on us. We were more than ready for a dog fight.

Our match with Dire Wolves saw Kevy pilot Jarvan but the analyst desk made sure to show Kevyln’s stats. Sadly for us, we might not be seeing Kevlyn on the rift for a while, he’s just too OP. Kisee also surprised the opposition with a Zoe pick, a few sneaky trouble bubbles and a pocket Lux. We were ready to meet Dire Wolves on the rift and made sure to secure the first dragon and turret. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure the first nexus on this occasion – we had to let Dire Wolves think they can make it to the playoffs. Despite the L there were multiple pop-off moments including Biopanther’s Gnar hopping around the top lane farming, Puma’s ten minute galeforce (can you say sheeeeeeeesh), as well as Kevy’s fancy footwork to avoid being killed. If playoffs don’t work out, we’ll be starting a dance school instead.  

Match two of the week was against Mammoth Esports Club and our history of upset wins made this one an easy dub, blocking them from their chase for fifth as well as what Mammoth hoped would be revenge. As Corporal so beautifully stated in the pre-game interview ‘we were ready to stomp on some randoms’ and his kill participation of 73.5% is the hard evidence. With the best Leona in the league, there was no way we lost this match. We’d also like to say happy cheese doodle day to Mac (thanks for the hint about days of the year, we appreciate your commitment). But as Twitch chat predicted (all 77% of the chat), it was a dub. Somehow we secured Kevlyn (do these teams not learn?) and Leona (illegal really), as well as Sylas and Ezreal and Graves. W were ready to leave Mammoth in the dust. Puma secured a solo bolo at 9 minutes, but Kisee didn’t hang around and opened up top tower securing a double kill as well - what a chad. Although Kitty caster cursed us, she pointed out that Corporal is yet to complete a Zonyas before the end of a match. We will make sure this happens at some point but we needed to get the dub first. Puma’s deathless game and 22.6k damage was the magic moment of the match.

Our final match of the week was against The Chiefs, and we were determined to push them to another 40-minute banger. It was rematch time! The analyst desk has repeatedly called us Chiefs’ kryptonite, and we were more than happy to prove them right (see you in playoffs.) As two of the top teams marched onto the rift, we took Sylas and Jinx with us. The bot lane was a fiesta from early on, although Chiefs took first blood we made sure to keep it even and took out Dragku – curling his gaming chair wasn’t going to save him. We kept the game as tight as possible, stealing objectives and taking kills at every opportunity but sadly wasn’t enough and we were unable to secure the dub. 

We are now in fourth place in the standings, with a scoreline of 8-7. Our next match will take place on the 7th March 2022 against Gravitas at 6 pm AEDT/8am CET/ 2am EST. We’re excited to see which version of the roster will be vs-ing us. 

-Niamh Healy

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