An evolution, not a revolution. 

Ever since we started back in 2017, we’ve been dedicated to disrupting and shaping the future of gaming. Our logo was a five-pointed star encased in a circle. This signified the five players in our original League of Legends team and the fact that we have our sights set on the future. We chose the bold colour red as our primary colour to make our players and fans feel like an army. 

But we’re not just an army. We’re an ORDER. 

Our goal for the rebrand was to maintain the spirit of ORDER, while evolving to open up fresh possibilities. We still have the same crew from 2017, but we’re bringing in new creators and creatives to evolve the brand. We’re looking to the future, but also gazing into the vortex of digital culture. Our players are constantly redefining what’s possible, creating moments that stick in your memory forever. If red means army, purple means magic. And we’re not just here to win tournaments and post content, we’re here to make magic

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